Our ghee is crafted with care and precision, using only the finest ingredients to ensure superior quality and taste. Ideal for culinary applications, food service businesses, and retail distribution, our ghee promises consistency and excellence in every batch.

Bucket of Classic Ghee - 2000 ml

A premium product, freshly produced in the Netherlands using time-honored recipes passed down through generations. This rich and creamy ghee is crafted with meticulous care to ensure the highest quality and purity. Perfect for cooking, baking, or adding a flavorful touch to your favorite dishes, our Classic Ghee embodies the golden essence of traditional culinary excellence. Elevate your meals with the natural richness and health benefits of our classic, all-natural ghee, and experience the authentic taste of a cherished tradition. This comes in a packaging of 2000 ml. 

100% natural ingredients. Allergen: Milk | Contains salt.

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Bucket of Herb & Spice Ghee - 500 ml & 1000 ml

Try our 500ml Herbs and Spices Flavored Ghee Bucket, a culinary treasure freshly produced in the Netherlands using age-old recipes. This ghee is expertly infused with a harmonious blend of aromatic herbs and spices, bringing an exceptional depth of flavor to your dishes. Ideal for sautéing, roasting, or as a flavorful finish, our ghee combines the time-honored richness of pure ghee with the invigorating zest of premium seasonings. Elevate your cooking with this versatile, all-natural blend, and enjoy the perfect fusion of tradition and modern taste.

100% natural ingredient. Allergen: Milk | Contains salt.

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How to Order in Bulk ?

Benefits of Bulk Ordering

Cost-Effective: Enjoy significant savings with our competitive bulk pricing.

Consistent Quality: Each batch of ghee is made to meet our high standards, ensuring a reliable product every time.

Long Shelf Life: Our ghee is shelf-stable and maintains its freshness for extended periods.

Custom Packaging: We offer various packaging options to meet your specific needs, from large containers to smaller retail-ready packages.

How to Order?

Get in Touch: Contact us through our website or call our customer service team.

Request a Quote: Provide details about your bulk requirements, including quantity and packaging preferences.

Confirm Your Order: Once you approve the quote, we'll process your order promptly.

Delivery: We offer reliable and timely delivery services to ensure your ghee arrives in perfect condition.

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